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Mukoh Matcha


“The spring season, when the first harvest of green tea leaves known as Shincha is produced, is considered the most valuable season for green tea.”

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The Most Fun Season for Green Tea

“Shincha” is a Japanese word referring to the spring’s first harvest of green tea leaves. The tea leaves are picked early in the season, typically from late April to early May. Shincha is highly prized for its fresh, delicate flavor and aroma, which is said to be more vibrant and nuanced than that of later harvests. It is a seasonal specialty in Japan and is eagerly awaited by tea enthusiasts around the world.

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茶 やめ 八女茶 高級茶 お茶 茶 玉露 伝統 本玉露 伝統本玉露 八女 福岡 おいしい 日本茶 緑茶 天雫 高級 通販 産地 成分 効能 健康 販売店 おすすめ 味 9

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