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Premium Yame Tea Caddy Gift – A favorite among tea connoisseurs, featuring Traditional Gyokuro and Premium Sencha [ 高級 八女茶 茶筒 ギフト ] 茶通に大人気 伝統本玉露と特上煎茶

重さ 200 g
SKU: yamecha-gokujyou-sencha


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Yame Tea, celebrated at the National Tea Competition.

Perfect for gifting to tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, it is recommended for special occasions of all kinds.

Premium Sencha × 1 can (200g)

Traditional Gyokuro × 1 can (200g)



特上煎茶 × 1缶(200g )

伝統本玉露 × 1缶(200g )

In Stock
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Yame’s Premium Sencha

This Sencha is crafted using the highest quality tea leaves from ‘Yame,’ which was awarded Japan’s top honor at the National Tea Competition. By meticulously processing tea leaves cultivated in-house at our own factory, it achieves a uniquely refreshing and robust flavor that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The taste is delicate, with subtle sweetness and umami, resulting in a clean finish. Yame’s Premium Sencha, highly praised at the National Tea Competition, is a favorite among tea enthusiasts and aficionados.

Yame’s Traditional Gyokuro

Traditional Gyokuro is regarded as one of the finest Japanese teas, renowned for its distinctive flavor and delicate aroma.

Yame’s Traditional Gyokuro is cultivated in the shade for several weeks before harvesting, resulting in a higher chlorophyll content and a sweeter, more flavorful profile. Hand-picked and carefully processed leaves result in a high chlorophyll content, giving Traditional Gyokuro its unique, sweeter, and richer flavor.

Yame’s Gyokuro is consistently produced from tea leaves, ensuring a distinct ‘Yame’ experience throughout the entire process, offering a luxurious tea experience that is truly unique to ‘Yame.’




伝統本玉露は最高品質の日本茶の 1 つと考えられており、その独特の風味と繊細な香りが高く評価されています。




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重さ 200 g



“Premium Yame Tea Caddy Gift – A favorite among tea connoisseurs, featuring Traditional Gyokuro and Premium Sencha [ 高級 八女茶 茶筒 ギフト ] 茶通に大人気 伝統本玉露と特上煎茶” の口コミを投稿します

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