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[Morning picked “Amaou” 4packs 朝、摘んだ苺の中からさらに厳選した綺麗ないちご] “あまおう” 4パック 果物 フルーツ 九州 福岡県 産 ギフト お誕生日プレゼント お祝い お礼 お土産 手土産 バレンタイン クリスマス お歳暮 贈答品 甘くて 美味しい Amaou Strawberry Fruits Gift Present Christmas Valentine Thank you Souvenir Congratulation Celebration

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あまおう いちご 厳選 直接配送 苺 九州 福岡県 佐賀県 産 ギフト 贈答品 甘くて 美味しい 綺麗なあまおうをお届け Amaou Strawberry 

✅内容量:苺 デラックス4パック+農林水産大臣賞受賞農家 抹茶緑茶 付き

Contents: 4 packs of Amaou strawberries + Award-winning farmer’s matcha green tea, endorsed by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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✅あまおうとは?人気の苺「とよのか」より、 さらに大きく、糖度が高い苺です。全国で親しまれてきた「とよのか」に代わる苺として、 日本一を目指して5年かけて作られた「あまおう」。 果実が大きく形が整っている、赤くてつやが良い、 甘味と酸味のバランスがよいという特徴を持つことから 「あかい・まるい・おおきい・うまい」の頭文字を 取って「あまおう」と名付けられました。

“Amaou” is a strawberry that surpasses the popular variety “Toyonoka” in size and sweetness. Developed over five years with the goal of becoming the best in Japan, Amaou aims to replace the well-loved “Toyonoka” nationwide. Known for its large and well-shaped fruits, vibrant red color with a glossy appearance, and a well-balanced combination of sweetness and acidity, Amaou derives its name from the initials of its key characteristics: “akai (red), marui (round), ookii (large), umai (delicious).

✅見た目が大きくて丸みがあり、 濃い赤色の美しいイチゴです。 糖度も高く、甘みがしっかりと 感じられ、ジューシーな食感が 楽しめます。

It is a visually striking strawberry with a large and rounded appearance, showcasing a beautiful deep red color. With high sugar content, it offers a pronounced sweetness and a juicy texture that delights the taste buds.

✅色・味・香り 極上の「あまおう」を 厳選配送 サイズが大きく、 赤くてつやがよく、 贈り物として人気の苺です。

Selected and delivered with care, the premium ‘Amaou’ boasts exceptional qualities in color, flavor, and fragrance. Known for its large size, vibrant red hue, and glossy appearance, this strawberry is a popular choice for gifting.

✅「向抹茶フルーツ」とは? 「向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)」は、数々の賞を受賞した日本一のお茶を生産するお茶農家様との出会いから生まれました。 私たちは、多くの茶畑を訪れ、様々な茶農家や製造工程を見学し、心を込めて、本当に良質なお茶、抹茶を作る農家様達に出会い、現場を見て、試飲した上で、販売を行うようになりました。 茶農家との最初の出会いから、今では多くの生産者と関わりを持ち、私たちが「良い」と感じた生産者様の抹茶や果物を販売しています。 抹茶に込めた原点の思いを大切にしながら、質の高い商品のみを提供し続けることを目指して、「向抹茶フルーツ」は、本当に良いものだけを販売しています。

Introducing ‘Mukoh Matcha Fruits’ – born from the encounter with tea farmers who produce Japan’s award-winning tea, ‘Mukoh Matcha.’ We have visited numerous tea fields, observed various farming and manufacturing processes, and earnestly connected with farmers dedicated to crafting truly high-quality tea and matcha. From our initial encounters with tea farmers, we have expanded our relationships with many producers, offering for sale only the matcha and fruits from those whom we believe deliver exceptional quality. With a commitment to the original essence of matcha, ‘Mukoh Matcha Fruits’ aims to provide only the finest products, cherishing the core values while continually striving to deliver high-quality goods.


Mukoh Matcha Fruits delivers fresh fruits directly to your doorstep before they hit the shelves, ensuring they reach you without human touch. Carefully selected by professional eyes, each fruit is packed with dedication and precision, then shipped under refrigeration for optimal freshness.


We aim to deliver fresh produce to you as quickly as possible, but the condition of the fruits may vary due to factors such as weather, causing delivery dates to be earlier or later than scheduled. If you have a specific desired delivery date, please select ‘Scheduled Delivery.’ In the absence of a specified date, as perishable items are involved, we strive to ship promptly under refrigeration for optimal freshness.

✅ [朝摘み苺] 朝早くから農家の皆さんの手により丁寧に摘まれた 生 なま の苺(いちご)を当日冷蔵便にて出荷しております。冷凍ではありません。

[Morning-Picked Strawberries] We carefully handpick fresh strawberries directly from the farmers early in the morning, and they are shipped on the same day under refrigerated conditions. They are not frozen.


In Fukuoka, Kyushu, these carefully selected Amaou strawberries are chosen from those picked in the morning. Highly recommended for gifts, presents, celebrations, expressions of gratitude, condolences, and of course, for personal indulgence if you desire to enjoy these beautiful strawberries.


We take care to gift-wrap the fruits in a way that allows air to circulate. Depending on the message, we provide bright wrapping for birthdays and celebrations and a calm atmosphere for condolences and memorial occasions.


The ‘Amaou’ strawberries you have ordered will be shipped the morning after, carefully selected from the ones picked that morning. These strawberries are pristine, untouched by anyone’s hands before being displayed in-store. If no specific date and time are specified, we will ship your order at the earliest available date after the purchase. The package is expected to be delivered within the next day or two days after shipment.

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重さ 1000 g



“[Morning picked “Amaou” 4packs 朝、摘んだ苺の中からさらに厳選した綺麗ないちご] “あまおう” 4パック 果物 フルーツ 九州 福岡県 産 ギフト お誕生日プレゼント お祝い お礼 お土産 手土産 バレンタイン クリスマス お歳暮 贈答品 甘くて 美味しい Amaou Strawberry Fruits Gift Present Christmas Valentine Thank you Souvenir Congratulation Celebration” の口コミを投稿します

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