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[ Shincha / 新茶 ] Sencha “Hana”-100% from Yame Central Green Tea Garden 八女中央大茶園のお茶 緑茶 煎茶 華(はな)100g

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Shincha, New Tea, the first ( Spring ) harvested green tea leaves of the year tea.

( Ship as soon as it becomes available)

“Hana” High-quality green tea leaves

[Shipping start date: after early May]

Sencha ( Green Tea ) 100g

新茶 (出来次第の発送となります)




当店の代表的な商品です。 ひと味違う上品な旨みと渋みがあります。ご贈答品としても必ず満足いただけます。

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We deliver the once-a-year “seasonal taste” directly from the Yame Central Green Tea Garden.

Why is Shincha ( new tea ) special?

“Shincha ( New tea )” is a tea made by picking the first green tea leaves of the year and has been cherished as a lucky “first thing” since ancient times.

Why “Shincha ( new tea )” is delicious?

“Shincha ( new tea ), which is packed with nutrients stored during the cold of autumn to winter, contains a lot of flavor and sweetness (amino acids).

It has a unique refreshing and invigorating aroma characteristic of new leaves.

When making green tea, lightly cool the hot water to bring out the sweetness and umami of the tea leaves even more.

Storage method

Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful not to let it absorb other smells.

ここ”八女中央大茶園”から採れる 一年一度だけの”旬の味”を 直接お届けします。


「新茶」はその年の最初の芽吹いた新芽を摘み採ったお茶で縁起の良い「初物」として 昔から親しまれています。


秋から冬の寒さに耐えながら蓄えられた養分が詰まった新茶は 旨み・甘みの成分(アミノ酸)が多く含まれております。新芽独特の爽やかで すがすがしい香りが特徴です。


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重さ 100 g



“[ Shincha / 新茶 ] Sencha “Hana”-100% from Yame Central Green Tea Garden 八女中央大茶園のお茶 緑茶 煎茶 華(はな)100g” の口コミを投稿します

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