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Matcha Milk Candy Beans – 80g [ 抹茶みるく豆 ] 80g

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Matcha Milk Candy Beans – 80g


[ 抹茶みるく豆 ] 80g

Matcha Milk Candy Beans

These beans are a delightful confection from the well-established Mamedoku, which is only available at specialty tea shops. They are flavored with milk, creating a harmonious blend of bitterness and sweetness.

Ingredients: Powdered sugar, peanuts, skim milk powder, wheat flour, vegetable fats and oils, sugar, starch, matcha (green tea), reduced starch syrup, glutinous rice flour, hydrolyzed starch, modified starch, plant charcoal powder coloring, lecithin (soy-derived), antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C)


お茶の専門店でしか販売しない老舗豆徳のお豆さん ミルク風味に仕上がり渋みと甘味のハーモニーが嬉しい豆菓子。


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✅ 緑茶の成分「エピガロカテキンガレート(EGCg)」は、摂氏80度を超える高温で抽出されやすく、旨み成分の「アミノ酸」は低温で抽出されやすくなります。「カフェイン」は、低温でお茶を淹れることで抽出を減らすことができます。The green tea component “epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg)” is easily extracted at high temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius, while the umami component “amino acids” is easily extracted at low temperatures. “Caffeine” can be reduced by brewing tea at low temperatures.

✅ 保存方法 高温多湿を避け、できれば冷蔵庫に保管し、移り香にご注意ください。Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and if possible, store in the refrigerator, and be careful not to transfer the fragrance.

✅「向抹茶」は、600年間、代々その技術を引き継がれてきた熟練の茶農家が生産する高品質の「八女茶」をお届けしております。“Mukoh Matcha” prides itself on delivering high-quality green tea and matcha sourced exclusively from Fukuoka, Japan’s lush, water-rich Yame region, where tea production has been passed down through generations of expert farmers over the past 600 years.

✅ [八女茶(やめちゃ)]は、日本茶の総生産量の約3%しか生産量のない希少なお茶で、福岡県で生産されるお茶のブランドです。[Yamecha / Yame tea] Yame Tea is a brand of tea produced in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is a rare and highly esteemed brand, accounting for only about 3% of the total Japanese tea production.

✅100% 福岡の八女茶 [Authentic, Rare, High-Quality, Valuable 100% Yame Matcha Green Tea Powder] made from Yame green tea Leaves. Yame tea is known for its high quality and is often considered one of the top green teas in Japan.

日本一の八女茶専門店『向抹茶』(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha / Mukou Matcha

– 代々続く八女のお茶農家さん達が心を込めてつくった“八女茶”は私たちの誇りです。-





[美味しいお茶の淹れ方] こちらでご覧頂けます。


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重さ 45 g



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