Yame Tea Bags [Crystal (Gyokuro) 2 bags] Gift Set 八女茶ティーバッグ [ クリスタル (玉露)2袋 ] ギフトセット

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Yame Tea Bags Gift Set: Gyokuro (5g x 15pcs) x 2 bags

八女茶 ティーバッグ ギフト: 玉露(5g x 15pcs)x 2 袋 ギフト セット

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Yame Gyokuro, a premium Japanese green tea, is cultivated in the favorable climate and soil conditions of Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Harvested in early spring, its tea leaves, comprised of new buds and young leaves, impart a unique sweetness and rich aroma. Recognized as a luxurious green tea, Yame Gyokuro stands out for its meticulous processing and high-quality standards, often commanding premium prices. Cherished for its delightful taste and luxurious essence, this tea finds favor in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and haute cuisine, earning the admiration of tea enthusiasts for its distinct qualities.

✅玉露は、日本茶の一種で、緑茶と並んで日本茶を代表するお茶の一つです。大切な来客があった際にお出しするような高級茶というイメージがあります。玉露は、他のお茶と比べて栽培に手間がかかり、生産量が少ないため、高級品とされます。Gyokuro is a type of Japanese tea, one of the teas that represent Japanese tea alongside green tea. It has an image of a high-end tea to be served when there are important guests. Gyokuro is considered a luxury item because it takes more effort to cultivate and produces less than other teas.

✅玉露は、一定期間覆いをして、日差しを遮った状態で育てるのが特徴です。このように、摘採前の一定期間茶園に覆いをかける栽培方法のことを被覆栽培と呼びます。Gyokuro is characterized by being grown under cover for a certain period of time, blocking out the sunlight. This method of covering the tea garden for a certain period of time before harvesting is called covered cultivation.

✅同じく被覆栽培をするお茶として「かぶせ茶」がありますが、かぶせ茶よりも玉露の方が被覆期間は長めです。地域によって差はあるものの、おおむねかぶせ茶が摘採前の1週間〜10日程度、玉露が20日程度〜とされています。There is also “Kabusecha” which is also cultivated under cover, but Gyokuro has a longer covering period than Kabusecha. Although there are regional differences, Kabusecha is generally covered for about 1 week to 10 days before harvesting, while Gyokuro is covered for about 20 days or more.

✅玉露は、コクのある強い旨味が特徴です。反対に、渋味や苦味はあまり感じません。これは、お茶の旨味成分であるアミノ酸が豊富に含まれているからです。お茶に含まれるアミノ酸の中でも、特に割合の大きい成分がテアニンです。Gyokuro has a rich, strong umami flavor. On the other hand, you don’t feel much bitterness or astringency. This is because it contains a lot of amino acids, which are the umami components of tea. Among the amino acids contained in tea, theanine is the most abundant component.


✅Theanine is produced in the roots of the tea tree and transported to the leaves. At this time, it is known that when exposed to sunlight, theanine is broken down and eventually changes into catechins, which are astringent and bitter components. In the case of gyokuro, which grows with little exposure to sunlight, the umami component theanine remains in the tea leaves without changing into catechins, resulting in less bitterness.

玉露を飲むなら、香りにも注目したいところです。一口含んだ瞬間に独特の香りが鼻へと抜けていきます。玉露特有の香りは覆い香(おおいか)と呼ばれ、「青海苔のような香り」と表現されることもあります。When drinking Gyokuro, you’ll want to pay attention to its fragrance as well. As soon as you take a sip, its unique fragrance escapes through your nose. Gyokuro’s unique fragrance is called “Ooika” and is sometimes described as “a fragrance like green laver.”


In addition, the characteristics of Gyokuro brought about by covered cultivation do not stop at its taste and fragrance. If you compare the leaves of Gyokuro with those of regular sencha, you will notice that Gyokuro has a deeper green color. The green color of tea leaves is due to “chlorophyll,” which absorbs light energy through photosynthesis. Under covered cultivation, there is a need to efficiently photosynthesize with little light, so as much chlorophyll as possible is produced to capture as much light energy as possible. As a result, the green color of the tea leaves becomes darker.


If you want to enjoy delicious Gyokuro, it is recommended to brew it slowly with relatively low-temperature water around 40°C. When brewed at low temperatures, amino acids, which are umami components, are extracted sufficiently while catechins and caffeine which cause bitterness and astringency are not extracted much. If you want to enjoy Gyokuro’s characteristic strong umami flavor, low-temperature extraction is more suitable than high-temperature extraction.

向抹茶 Mukoh Matcha

✅ 緑茶の成分「エピガロカテキンガレート(EGCg)」は、摂氏80度を超える高温で抽出されやすく、旨み成分の「アミノ酸」は低温で抽出されやすくなります。「カフェイン」は、低温でお茶を淹れることで抽出を減らすことができます。The green tea component “epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg)” is easily extracted at high temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius, while the umami component “amino acids” is easily extracted at low temperatures. “Caffeine” can be reduced by brewing tea at low temperatures.

✅ 保存方法 高温多湿を避け、できれば冷蔵庫に保管し、移り香にご注意ください。Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, and if possible, store in the refrigerator, and be careful not to transfer the fragrance.

✅「向抹茶」は、600年間、代々その技術を引き継がれてきた熟練の茶農家が生産する高品質の「八女茶」をお届けしております。“Mukoh Matcha” prides itself on delivering high-quality green tea and matcha sourced exclusively from Fukuoka, Japan’s lush, water-rich Yame region, where tea production has been passed down through generations of expert farmers over the past 600 years.

✅ [八女茶(やめちゃ)]は、日本茶の総生産量の約3%しか生産量のない希少なお茶で、福岡県で生産されるお茶のブランドです。[Yamecha / Yame tea] Yame Tea is a brand of tea produced in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is a rare and highly esteemed brand, accounting for only about 3% of the total Japanese tea production.

✅100% 福岡の八女茶 [Authentic, Rare, High-Quality, Valuable 100% Yame Matcha Green Tea Powder] made from Yame green tea Leaves. Yame tea is known for its high quality and is often considered one of the top green teas in Japan.

✅抹茶 / 緑茶 は、冷蔵庫に入れておけば、1年〜2年でも大丈夫です。冷凍庫に入れておけば長い間鮮度が保たれます。ただ、冷暗所に置いておく場合は、夏の場合、3〜4ヶ月で色も味も変わってしまいます。また、冷蔵庫に入れておかれた場合でも、抹茶/ 緑茶は香が移りやすいですので、臭いのきついものと一緒に保管されておくと、匂いが移ってしまうのでご注意ください。こういった理由により、ご購入頂いた抹茶 / 緑茶に記載しております”賞味期限”は、冷暗所で保存された場合の目安となっております。

✅Matcha / Green tea is fine for one or two years if kept in the refrigerator. If kept in the freezer, its freshness will be preserved indefinitely. However, if left in a cool, dark place, the color and taste will change in 3-4 months, especially in the summer. Also, even if kept in the refrigerator, Matcha / Green tea easily absorbs scents, so please be careful not to store it with strong-smelling items as the smell may transfer. Therefore, the expiration date is just a “guide” when stored in a cool, dark place.

Yame Tea, Hoshino Tea, Single Origin Tea, from the award-winning tea garden specialty store “Authenticity Oriented” – Mukoh Matcha / 向抹茶 (Mukou Matcha)

– Tea leaves from tea fields in the vast nature surrounding Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture.

– Introducing “face-to-face” tea leaves in collaboration with generations of “tea farmers.”

– Bringing smiles to consumers with “tea” from “tea farmers.”

“Delicious tea comes from heartfelt tea-making.”

The range includes Yame Green Tea, Yame Gyokuro (Gyokuro), Yame Deep-Steamed Tea, Yame Kabusecha (Covered Tea), Yame Shiraore, Kukicha (Twig Tea, stem Tea), Yame Powdered Tea, Yame Matcha, Yame Traditional Hon Gyokuro (Yame Traditional True Gyokuro), Yame Tea Bags, Yame Tea in PET Bottles, Yame Gyokuro Cans, Yame Barley Tea, Yame Genmaicha (Brown Rice Tea), Yame Hojicha (Roasted Tea), Yame Green Juice, Yame Tea Gifts, Yame Single Origin Tea, Yame New Tea, Wholesale.


 『Mukoh Matcha / 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)』- 本物志向






[美味しいお茶の淹れ方] はこちらでご覧頂けます。


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