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[Yame’s Roasted Tea] Fragrant Roasting, Oku-Yame, Delicious Hojicha 100g [ 八女の焙じ茶 ] 香味焙煎 奥八女 美味しい ほうじ茶 100g

重さ 100 g
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Yame Tea, Hojicha, Roasted Tea 100g

八女茶 ほうじ茶 焙じ茶 100g

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Hojicha (roasted tea, hojicha) is a type of Japanese green tea made by roasting tea leaves. Generally made from sencha, bancha, or stem tea, hojicha is characterized by its unique roasted aroma, minimal bitterness, and astringency, offering a light and smooth taste.

It’s less stimulating and more gentle on the stomach, making it suitable for drinking with meals.

While there are premium versions made from select leaves, hojicha is typically considered less prestigious than gyokuro or sencha. It’s usually ranked alongside bancha or genmaicha, not as a high-end Japanese tea.

The All Japan Tea Association defines hojicha as tea made by strongly roasting types like sencha or bancha.

How to Brew and Drink Hojicha:

Hojicha can be brewed in various vessels such as an earthenware pot, kettle, or teapot, depending on the region and situation. Recently, products packaged in tea bags for easy brewing, similar to black tea, have also become available.

Hojicha is bulky but light and dry, so a larger spoon is used for measuring compared to other Japanese teas.

Unlike high-end green teas, it is better to brew hojicha with hotter water.

When brewing in a teapot, steep with the lid on for about 30 seconds. If brewed with boiling water, the tea’s components are fully extracted in the first infusion, so it’s advisable to replace the leaves with new ones for each subsequent infusion.

In regions where hojicha is commonly drunk, it’s often boiled in a large kettle. In Hokkaido, during winter, hojicha is frequently boiled on the stove in a large kettle and consumed mixed with shochu (a style known as bancha split).

It’s recommended to consume hojicha prepared in advance on the same day, as it contains proteins that can deteriorate and spoil over time, leading to stomach pain or diarrhea if consumed after spoiling.

Roasting reduces bitter components like tannins (catechins, etc.), making the tea milder and less bitter or astringent than other teas.

In Kyoto kaiseki cuisine, serving hojicha during meals is not uncommon, and in Kyoto ryotei, hojicha is often served with wagashi (Japanese sweets) after the meal.

Nutritional value of Hojicha Infusion[1] per 100 g:

Carbohydrates: 0.1 g

Riboflavin (B2): (2%) 0.02 mg
Niacin (B3): (1%) 0.1 mg
Folate (B9): (3%) 13 µg

Sodium: (0%) 1 mg
Potassium: (1%) 24 mg
Calcium: (0%) 2 mg
Phosphorus: (0%) 1 mg
Copper: (1%) 0.01 mg

Other components:
Water: 99.8 g
Caffeine: 0.02 g
Tannins: 0.04 g

Mukoh Matcha / Mukou Matcha, the premier Yame tea specialty shop:

– “Yame tea,” lovingly cultivated by generations of tea farmers in Yame, is our pride.

– Tea leaves from tea fields in the rich natural surroundings of Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture.

– Introducing “face-to-face” tea leaves together with generations of “tea farmers.”

– Bringing smiles to consumers with “tea” from “tea farmers.”

“Delicious tea comes from heartfelt tea-making.”

[How to Brew Delicious Tea] can be found here.

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ほうじ茶 浸出液[1]100 gあたりの栄養価

100 gあたりの栄養価
0.1 g
リボフラビン (B2)

0.02 mg

ナイアシン (B3)

0.1 mg

葉酸 (B9)

13 µg


1 mg


24 mg


2 mg


1 mg


0.01 mg

水分 99.8 g
カフェイン 0.02 g
タンニン 0.04 g


日本一の八女茶専門店『向抹茶』(むこうまっちゃ)Mukoh Matcha / Mukou Matcha

– 代々続く八女のお茶農家さん達が心を込めてつくった“八女茶”は私たちの誇りです。-





[美味しいお茶の淹れ方] こちらでご覧頂けます。


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重さ 100 g



“[Yame’s Roasted Tea] Fragrant Roasting, Oku-Yame, Delicious Hojicha 100g [ 八女の焙じ茶 ] 香味焙煎 奥八女 美味しい ほうじ茶 100g” の口コミを投稿します

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