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Mukoh / Mukou Matcha has Yame office in Fukuoka & Miyaki office in Saga

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Mukoh / Mukou Matcha

In recent years, amidst the health boom around the world, the popularity of Japanese Tea, Green Tea, and Matcha is increasing. As a result, the world's attention is also focused on The Finest Japanese Tea called "Yamecha". However, in fact, "Yamecha" is produced only 2.4% of whole "Japanese Tea" in Japan, and as for "Gyokuro", we only have 2 grams per Japanese person.  For this reason, even if it is written as "Yamecha", it may actually contain only a small amount of "Yamecha", or it may be of poor quality or even fake. Our company also has been dealing with genuine, authentic and highest quality of "Japanese fucoidan" since 1998.

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  • Trustworthy 

More than 20 years since 1998, Mukoh / MukouMatcha  向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)has continued to deliver Genuine & Authentic Japanese products  to customers all over the country and overseas, valuing “Trustworthy” above all else.

  • The Goal

The goal of Mukoh / MukouMatcha  向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ) is to make everyone, from Tea Farmers to Consumers Smile with Tea. If Yame tea fans around the world are happy, Yame tea farmers will also be happy.

  • Be Honest

Mukoh Matcha / 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ) “We will not sell what we can not eat.” “We will not sell what we think is not delicious.”

The 100% Yamecha  selling at Mukoh Matcha / 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ) , we visit the “Tea Fields”, talking directly with the “Tea Farmers” by ourselves.

  • Genuine & Authentic

 “Yamecha” and “Hoshinocha”, Mukoh Matcha / 向抹茶(むこうまっちゃ)introducing are produced in the countryside of Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu (southern part of Japan), the tea fields surrounded by nature with clean air, greenery and water.

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