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Mukoh Matcha is Japan’s #1 online store for Yame tea. We provide genuine and authentic green tea and matcha made in Yame.


Grade Matcha

Grade Matcha



Matcha Grades

Matcha is available in different grades, which are determined by the quality of the tea leaves used, the location and method of cultivation, and the processing methods. Here are the most common grades of matcha:

  1. Ceremonial Grade: This is the highest quality matcha, made from the youngest, most tender tea leaves. The tea is grown in the shade to enhance the flavor and is hand-picked, steamed, and stone-ground into a fine powder. Ceremonial grade matcha has a vibrant green color, a sweet, delicate flavor, and a smooth, creamy texture. It is used for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and is best enjoyed on its own or with simple snacks.

  2. Premium Grade: This is a high-quality matcha that is also made from young tea leaves, but may include slightly more mature leaves than ceremonial grade. The tea is grown in shade and is processed using traditional methods, but the flavor may be slightly less delicate than ceremonial grade. Premium grade matcha has a deep green color, a slightly bitter taste, and a smooth texture. It is suitable for drinking as a tea or for use in cooking and baking.

  3. Culinary Grade: This is a lower quality matcha that is made from leaves that are slightly more mature than those used in ceremonial and premium grades. The tea is usually grown in the sun, which can result in a more astringent flavor. Culinary grade matcha has a slightly yellow-green color, a bitter taste, and a slightly grainy texture. It is suitable for use in cooking, baking, and smoothies, but is not recommended for drinking on its own.

Overall, the grade of matcha you choose depends on your intended use and personal preferences. Ceremonial grade matcha is the most expensive and is best for enjoying as a pure tea, while premium and culinary grades are more affordable and suitable for use in cooking and other recipes.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder


Ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder is the highest quality matcha green tea available, made from the youngest tea leaves that are grown in the shade to enhance the flavor and increase the chlorophyll content. It is a traditional Japanese matcha green tea powder that is typically used in tea ceremonies, and is also enjoyed for its health benefits and unique flavor.


Premium grade matcha green tea is a high-quality type of matcha that is made from young tea leaves. The tea leaves are harvested in the first ( Spring ) of the year to create a fine, vibrant green powder that can be used in a variety of ways.


Culinary grade matcha is a lower grade of matcha green tea that is primarily used as an ingredient in cooking and baking, rather than as a pure tea. 

Sweet Matcha Premium Grade


Sweetened Premium Grade Matcha


Sweetened Culinary Grade Matcha

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Mukoh Matcha has variety of Genuine & Authentic Japanese Matcha & Green Tea Products

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Mukoh Matcha’s matcha and green tea are genuine high-quality Japanese matcha and green tea, produced in Yame, a region famous for its high-quality tea leaves in Japan. Our matcha is produced from green tea leaves grown in award-winning farms in Yame. Yame tea is a very rare tea, accounting for only 3% of the total tea production in Japan. Therefore, even if it is labeled as “Yame tea”, many blends only contain a small amount of actual Yame tea. Mukoh Matcha’s matcha is 100% pure “Yame matcha”, so it has a beautiful color and a well-rounded taste.

yamecha chaba mukohmatcha
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