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About Mukoh Matcha

The Most Expensive & Luxury Japanese Gyokuro, Green Tea, Matcha


“Yamecha” – Matcha, Green Tea, Gyokuro & “Fucoidan” From Fukuoka Japan

To become a "bridge between Japan and the world".

Mukoh Matcha

In our view, what we need most now is ‘trust.’ In an era where transactions occur without face-to-face interactions, and despite the increasing globalization, understanding the other person’s ‘character’ is often overlooked. Therefore, we believe that the most crucial element in these times is none other than ‘trust.’


We are committed to not betraying our customers. We genuinely aim to present and introduce only the best and truly authentic products. That’s why we strive to broadcast ‘genuine’ items from here, from ‘Japan.’

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Be Honest

Ensuring that the purchased items arrive safely is essential, but we also believe that prompt and responsive communication, along with the authentic history of the products, is what makes the transaction ‘genuine’.

The Goal

Tradition and culture are not something that can be created overnight. They have been nurtured over many years. Mass production, disposability, and destruction are currently plaguing our planet. While our efforts may be small, we believe that cherishing traditions and meticulously crafted items and sharing their value with those who understand can serve as a ‘bridge’ for the preservation of Japanese traditions and culture.

“Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro Green Tea” holds a remarkable position in the world of tea. Despite accounting for just 0.013% of Japan’s total tea production, this exceptional tea variety has garnered high praise both domestically and internationally. It has received numerous accolades, including a more than 20-year streak of winning first place in the National Tea Appraisal Competition and the grand prize in the “Gyokuro and Matcha” category at the Japanese Tea Contest “Japanese Tea Selection Paris,” held in France.

The tea leaves used for “Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro (Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro) “ must be carefully hand-picked by skilled individuals, selecting only the softest parts of the new tea buds. “Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro (Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro)” is grown by experienced producers who dedicate an entire year to its cultivation. Due to its limited production and exceptional quality, it is considered extremely rare and often referred to as the “elixir of the gods” or the “drop of heaven.”


Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro” (Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro)  is the most luxurious & expensive Japanese Green Tea.

The name 'Yame Traditional Authentic Gyokuro' is protected by the government, and it can only be used when certain criteria are met, including cultivation in Yame, the selection of high-quality tea leaves, and adherence to traditional production methods.

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Beautiful green tea matcha


Mukoh Matcha

Genuine, Authentic

Japanese Green Tea

From Japan

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