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Japanese High-Quality Green Tea Brand "Yamecha"

Genuine & Authentic Luxury Japanese Green Tea

Yamecha, which has a 600-year history of Green Tea, is the Finest, Highest-Quality, and Rare Green Tea with a Rich flavor. In particular, "Gyokuro" and "Matcha" produced in Yame are "Special tea" with high rarity value.

"Yamecha" makes every day a little more luxurious.

The "Yame tea" handled by "Mukoh / Mukou Matcha" is "Yame tea" made by tea farmers who have been in Yame for generations. We deliver fresh tea leaves from the Yame tea garden. Enjoy the charm of Yame through Green Tea.

Premium Green Tea / Matcha

Types of “Yamecha” and how to drink them

"Yamecha" is a fragrant tea that has a Japanese taste and is produced by tea farmers that have been handed down for generations in the Yame region. We are particular about finishing with a modern taste while preserving traditional manufacturing methods. Please enjoy tea time to your heart's content.

八女茶 八女伝統本玉露

Yame Dentou Hon Gyokuro

Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro, the pinnacle of Gyokuro, is produced by very few producers.
八女茶 玉露

Yame Gyokuro

When it comes to gyokuro, Yame is the best. Gyokuro produced in Yame has the best taste and aroma in Japan.
八女茶 抹茶

Yame Matcha

"Matcha" produced in "Yame", a high-grade green tea production area, is also proud of its bright green color and flavor.
八女茶 緑茶 煎茶

Yame Sencha

Yamecha, which is famous as a high-grade tea leaves, is characterized by its umami, sweetness, and richness.
八女茶 緑茶 煎茶 ティーバッグ

Yamecha Tea Bags

"Yamecha tea bags" recommended for those who want to drink “Yamecha” casually.
八女茶 抹茶 大麦若葉 青汁

Yamecha Aojiru

Luxurious green juice ( Aojiru ) made with the finest matcha called "Ichiban Tencha".
mukohmatcha luxury japanese green tea yamecha

Luxury Yame Green Tea

Yamecha is famous for its high quality tea leaves. Among them, it is a particularly high-end and high-end tea leaves.
mukohmatcha casual iced green tea

Casual Yamecha

Casual, affordable tea leaves to accompany your daily meal.
mukohmatcha houjicha

Yame Houjicha

“Hojicha” is popular along with “Yamecha”.


Yame Green Tea

"Yamecha ( Yame Tea )" is a rare high-class tea leaves produced in Fukuoka Prefecture, located in the south of Japan.

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About Yamecha

"Yamecha" is the name of green tea produced in the "Yame region" of Fukuoka prefecture.

"Green Tea" as "medicine"

It is not well known that “green tea” used to be a “medicine”. Introducing the benefits of tea.

How to brew delicious tea

The taste of tea is completely different depending on how it is brewed. This is how to brew tea to enjoy the umami and sweetness of Yame tea.

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